With the ever-expanding legal and government compliance environment, executives are under extreme risk of losing what they've spent their life and careers building. At Executive and Global we want to help you protect your biggest assets: your Business, your Reputation and your Future.

Why choose
Executive and Global?

Experience - With over 49 years of experience from our two owners, you will benefit from their knowledge.

Service - Some promise service, we deliver it...phone, email, or text...We want to hear from you. Become a client and you will discover what service really means. If you call, we will answer the phone.  If we are busy and you call, leave us a message, we will call you back.

Specialization - Professional & Executive Liabilities is what we do...period. It is difficult if not impossible to be an expert on all topics, so we focus only on a few.

Independence - As an independent agency, we exercise our ability to market your product needs with multiple insurance carriers in order to find the policy and pricing that makes the most sense for your company.

Urgency - Have you ever received a quote the day before your renewal? This leaves you with little options. We don't do that...as soon as you complete an application, we can usually turn around and get you a quote within 24 hours.

Greg Mattingly has been great to deal with. We recently purchased an agency and he was extremely helpful in getting us through our first renewal and found us a policy with lower premium than the prior owners had. The whole process was smooth and relatively pain free!"

Marty J. Trierweiler | Alexandria, MN