Cyber Liability E&O

Cyber Liability Insurance “aka” Data Breach E&O, is the cutting edge protection for exposures arising out of internet and computer communications activity.

Professional service firms are at risk for cyber liability. This is due to the fact that we are increasingly dependent upon the internet and computer networks for communicating with clients, performing professional services, transmitting and storing sensitive data and maintaining websites.

Your risks of unintentional transmission of a computer virus, Trojan horse, keylogger, etc. Sending an e-mail that crashes the recipients network, claims of infringement of copyright, trademarks, trademark names, titles or slogans. Claims of defamation as a result of web content, blogs, forum postings or e-mails

Examples of Cyber Liability risks are listed below but not limited to: Disclosure of or misuse of confidential information, failure to prevent unauthorized access to a computer system by a third party or an unauthorized employee, stolen phone with company information, lost computer with company informtion.

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