Insurance Agents E&O

Insurance agents provide services to individuals, families, business and corporations by helping them find and receive the proper coverages for their insurance needs. Most agents do not consider the risk they take being involved with this profession. The recommendations you make for your client or the coverages you choose not to select may come back to you as a liability if your client feels you used poor judgment. If your client feels you did not act with their best interest concerning the policy or lack of a policy, they can file a lawsuit against YOU! This becomes a liability to your career, income and possessions.

Why Do Agents Need E&O Insurance?

If an agent does not have Insurance Agents Errors and Omissions Insurance, you risk the possibility of being held financially responsible for the damages if you are involved in a claim. Even if a claim is baseless, you could face thousands of dollars in legal fees. The statistics state that 1 in 7 insurance agents will have an E&O claim filed against them at least once in their career. Insurance agents are also ranked 4th as the most sued professionals.

Insurance Agents Errors and Omissions Coverage

Insurance Agents E&O coverage protects you, your agency and staff for any claim that is real or perceived as real that has evolved from the sale or servicing of an insurance policy. Should you have independent contractors or sub-agents, you may need contracts in order to have them covered under your E&O policy.

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